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My Dear Parishioners and friends,

  I would like to extend my deepest and most heartfelt thanks, to each of you, for the role you played in such a wonderful celebration, honoring the thirty years of my priesthood.  To those of you who spoke such kind words, I thank you sincerely.

   For those of you who planned and organized every beautiful detail of this event, I thank you for your constant thoughtfulness. And to those of you who came and celebrated with me and my family, I am most indebted to your continued generosity, support, and friendship.

   To each of the priests who attended the celebration, I thank you wholeheartedly, you are indeed my brothers in the Lord’s vineyard, and I treasure your friendship and what a genuine pleasure it is to work with you and share in the joy of our families, our Church, and our growing faith.

  To those of your who could not attend, but sent your sincere wishes, please know that you were with us in spirit, and your words and thoughtfulness meant so much to me.  And lastly, to those of you who work with me ‘day in and day out’ to maintain the congenial atmosphere we have here at St. Nicholas Parish, I thank you a hundred fold, because a pastor is only as good as his flock, and I am blessed by your dedication and your constant vigilance toward the needs of our parish.

   Each of you, in your own special way, has brought me countless blessings over the years. I have learned a great deal from all of you.  As parishioners of St. Nicholas Church, you are my extended family, and I thank the good Lord for how brilliantly our lives have intertwined over the past 20 years.  Being your pastor, has been a blessing to me, because every time we meet in prayer, break bread together, or share in our religious traditions, we invite the Lord to be there among us.  And there is no greater blessing to one’s priesthood, then the presence of our Lord among the faithful.

   With a heart full of thanks, I extend my hand to each of you, as we continue our journey in faithfulness.  May the good Lord continue to guide us as we lead our Ukrainian Catholic Church through these ever changing times, with great zeal and tradition!  It was Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky who once wrote: “"In the parish where the faithful venerate Christ the Savior, the whole spiritual life begins to flourish, people flock to church, the number of those who receive Holy Eucharist is increased, vices begin to slowly disappear from among the people, and concord and love reign in families and throughout the parish."

Very truly yours in Christ,

V. Rev. Marijan Procyk, pastor

Сердечна подяка усім вам, дорогі парохіяни і приятелі, за Вашу участь у Св. Літургії і в бенкеті та за Ваші побажання з нагоди 30-ліття мого священства. Хай Господь благословить Вас усіх!

Ваш у Христі,

Мар’ян Процик, свящ.


 Background sound "Psalm 1" (in Ukrainian), courtesy of "Psalmy", 1987. Thank you!